I had this thought then there goes another thought then another one, it’s endless. But then I came across one of these thoughts and my mind focused on that one single thought longer than the others which I thought was a great sign. I had this vision that maybe I’m experiencing this existential crisis for a reason like all of these mental and emotional break downs that I’m having has a reason, that maybe something really great is going to happen to me in the future and I’m experiencing this so that I can realize that life was worth living after all when that time comes. All of these bull—- are like the payments I have to make before I can achieve that contentment and true happiness in life but the question is when? When will this end? And when does that “great life” begins? As I question myself this one hopeful thought got covered as thousands of thoughts in my mind piled up. But just as I was writing this and remembering that single thought I said to myself “I’ll be alright.” 

2 thoughts on “ONE HOPEFUL THOUGHT

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