I’ll try to tell you what to do but you already know what to do but you are just afraid but friend let me tell you I’m afraid too. 

You are not on your own just look around, in every corner broken people can be found, you may think your world is burning to the ground but friend just breathe and realize you are safe and sound. 

Ignore your demons and listen to my words or put on your music and listen to those chords, turn it up till your speakers explode and let music defeat those demons and let it be your sword. 

Talk to a friend or talk to me and I’ll let you be. Lay me all your misery together we’ll find a remedy and see your life is worthy. 

Now smile my friend for this is not the end and I have two hands that I would lend, even my shoulders I would bend for you to lean on, now carry on for another day will go on. 

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