Time has passed 
but it still haunts us down
the thing that cost us
to make mistakes and make us frown.

People come and go
but we still hold on
to the memories they decided to forgo.
Now we ponder on why they left and why we’re all alone. 

It’s time to move past this
and forget it all,
for it’s in the past and that’s what it is,
we need to let it all go for us to stand tall.

2 thoughts on “PAST IS PAST

  1. Past, what is it?
    You create your own good time, don’t let that haunt you, cause thats the experience you gained from the other day.

    It is lost already, the escapade you had – for that past is imperative to tell you the whole new story of the days about to come.
    Keep writing
    God bless 🙂

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