I just don’t see why you’re with her and I’m not saying this because I like you that much and it won’t even have to be me just any other girl who see your worth more because you deserve more but I guess she’s everything to you. 

At first I think you’re wasting all the love you are giving to her but I see how problematic you get when you two argue and how giddy you get when you two are in good terms, it seems like it’s all worth it for you, she’s all worth it for you. 

It’s in the way you look at her and it’s everything I wanted for myself but I know I couldn’t, I just wish she could see you through my eyes because in my eyes I think I’m the luckiest person to have you in my life and I would never take you for granted, I will forever cherish you but it’s through my eyes and my eyes are not hers that you look at. 

I know that you’re happy with her for I see that genuine smile of yours and even though I’m not the one that’s putting that smile on your face it also makes me smile, for me that’s enough even if sometimes jealousy creeps in. I know I will never be her and I sometimes think that maybe in another world, in another time or in another life it will be us and there will be an us but that’s all just wishful thinking.

9 thoughts on “THERE WILL BE AN US… MAYBE

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