Sad day for the music industry and especially for Team Grimmie. Christina Grimmie, 22, died after being shot at a concert in Orlando.

Christina Grimmie is known for her covers on Youtube and became more popular when she auditioned for The Voice which she ended up as a third placer.

Christina Grimmie is one of my favorite singers as I listed in one of my post. I started listening to one of her covers which is Titanium back in 2012 and I just fell in love with the power of her voice. In 2014 she auditioned for The Voice, that’s where I started loving her even more, I even created a twitter profile just for her which she followed. I really became “obsessed” and started fangirling on her or should Team Grimmie say “frandgirling” (Frand is what Christina calls her fans which combines the word friend and fan and Team Grimmie is the name of her fan base). I started knowing more about her life and personality, started listening to all of her songs and watched all her videos. Besides her great voice, I started admiring her more because of her personality and how she became a good role model to her fans and it’s actually really sad that at a young age she was taken from us.

It was said that she was shot by a man at her concert with the band Before You Exit.

She was having a meet and greet with her fans and a guy just shot her 4 times and shoot himself after. She was taken to the hospital afterwards and was in a critical state then hours later her publicist announced that she was dead. It was very sad that her life was taken by a senseless act of a human, no one deserves that kind of death and it was horrifying that she was shot in front of her brother and her fans at her own event. info:

I’m feeling really sad with this news, she was a role model that deserves a bigger break and recognition, there was so much more that she can do. She was actually one of the people that influences me to have a stronger faith and really believe in God more. She loved her fans like we are her family, she’s very hilarious (see her tweets for proof), very inspiring and very talented. Quite devastating that the life of this gem was taken by a pathetic person, our world is becoming a dangerous place to live in day by day.

Rest In Peace Christina Grimmie, you will forever be in our memories and in our hearts. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us. Thank you for being an inspiration, your music and your voice will forever remain. You will surely not be forgotten. Rawk On!

Christina’s signature “bye” in the end of her videos.

Know more about Christina Grimmie:

Christina Grimmie was also known for her edgy beautiful hairstyles:


Watch Christina Grimmie’s flawless covers:

Watch Christina’s unforgettable performances on The Voice:

Listen and watch Christina Grimmie performs some of her original songs: (My favorites)


*Photos are not mine. Credits to the photo owners.


  1. I swear it’s just so hard to believe this had just happened.She was such an angel and I truly admired her authenticity,kindness and tremendous talent.I am speechless.
    World is such a cruel place..
    Stay strong,we will always be her team!

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  2. No hay palabras que alivien el dolor que siente su familia, es una cosa increible que a veces se esta un día y al siguiente ya no, christina era una chica con mucho entusiasmo carismas, desborda energía. que descanse en paz. aunque ya no este entre nosotros. seguiras en cada uno de nuestros dias, tus canciones, tu pistas, tus videos 😦


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