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I decided to have a weekly check on my life with this Life Lately feature which answers what I’ve felt, thought, wanted to do, what I’ve done for the week and what I’m hoping.

Lately, I’ve been thinking…

of going back to school and I only have two weeks to enjoy my vacation. I’ve also been thinking about the stress that I will face this semester.

Lately, I’ve been feeling…

stressed out *insert twenty one pilots song* even if school hasn’t started yet I’m already stressed because I’m having difficulties with fixing my schedule for this semester, damn K-12 program! I’m in my 4th year in college which means I’m graduating, this is my last year and what a great timing it is that it’s the same time K-12 program is officially in effect which means no incoming college freshmen for this year which means college department in schools and universities are struggling especially the professors and for my school I’m experiencing it, limited subjects are offered and I’m actually irritated with it, it just shows that my school is not really prepared for the implementation of this program.

Lately, I’ve been wanting…

to get out for awhile, go somewhere peaceful like a remote area and get away from everything just for a little while, to relax and unwind before going back to school.

Lately, I’ve been doing…

a lot of over thinking which is bad, I’ve also been just writing, watching TV, lying in bed and just waiting for something to come up to break this routine.

Lately, I’ve been hoping…

that things get better.

How’s your life lately?

10 thoughts on “LIFE LATELY 01

  1. I would love to go somewhere remote and quiet – imagine how calm you could be with no noise or distractions! Let me know if you need a buddy lol! Enjoy the rest before you return to school 🙂


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