Why is it easier to help others than to actually help yourself?

Have you been in the situation that you give advice and encouragement to others but you can’t do it to yourself?

I’ve always been that kind of person, I’m lifting others up while I’m actually drowning. I always think that when a friend or a family member tries to vent out their problems to me, I don’t release my load the same time because I think we will both sink, so I always try to find the right words to say to lift them up even if I don’t really do those things or I don’t really believe in it and I wish I could also say those words to myself and actually feel good about it.

Well the thing about me is that I don’t try to get some help as long as I can still do it on my own especially when it comes to my emotions as long as I can keep it together and no heads are turning it’s all good but sometimes when I try to get some help or I try to vent it out to someone I’ll start thinking that I’ll be a burden or they won’t understand my situation so most of the time I just keep it to myself even when someone is asking if something’s wrong I won’t tell.

I found this quote in the internet…


I don’t know if that’s true but what I truly feel is that sooner or later I will find myself 10 feet deeper below the ground while everyone around me will be skyscrapers.

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  1. Accepting help is so much more difficult than giving it :/ Reach out to people , share when they share. This is advice my therapist has been giving me for years and I’m only just starting to use it.

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    • I’m just used to dealing things on my own and it’s like everybody around me has too much on their plate already. I’ll probably reach out when I can’t handle it anymore (maybe)

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  2. I completely empathize with you. Its easy to give advice, but when it comes time to deal with our own struggles and tribulations, its almost as if no one is ever there to hear you out, and or you don’t want to burden people with your problems. I know this is the case for me.

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