Quite an irony that I’ve said that I have a good feeling with this year in my “I Am Ready 2016” post but it’s completely the opposite because what a way to start off the year for me where I feel a little lost again. It has been 4 days since going back to school after a short holiday break and these past few days my mind is drifting away and I can’t seem to concentrate on my tasks maybe because my mind is still in the “holiday spirit” but no, it’s quite different because I’m in a situation where I just don’t care anymore but at the same time I want things to be better. When it comes to my study I am not what I was before where I aim for high grades, right now I just let things be, I am not trying anymore, it’s like I am okay with just a passing grade not like before that I get disappointed with that kind of grades. I am also not having fun and enjoying right now, I am not quite happy with how things are going.

These thoughts and feelings I am having right now is really bugging me because it is scaring me for I just don’t understand myself right now and I just want to write and let this feelings out here to try and analyze myself hoping maybe if I write it I will understand it more but for now all I know is that I need to FOCUS! And also I just hope that everything will be much better in the coming days.

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