(Continuation to the Frank Friday|02 post.)

I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo for so long and also because my sister having two huge tattoos on her back, I got curious.

So when I was seventeen I decided to get one on the exact date of my birthday. 


The reason for the design is that I’ve been deciding whether I wanted a puzzle piece, a tree or a bird and luckily I came across this design where it got all that I wanted.

Getting this tattoo was out of impulse. I was on the stage of my life where I think rebellious stuff are cool but I never regretted getting this.

Now it’s been two years and I’m actually tired of hearing the exact same questions over and over again. So I’m gonna answer it now.

Things that I’m tired of hearing because of my tattoo: 

1. Is that a tattoo?/Is that real?

I’ve been answering this with mostly ‘no’ with random people asking me. I answer them ‘no it’s just henna (temporary tattoo)’ to just end their fascination and to dodge their further questions. 

2. Why? 

I hate this question! I want to, I like it! Is there any problem?!

3. Did it hurt?/How does it feel?

The classic question. Ughhhh! But honestly it didn’t I guess those you see on videos getting one are plainly exaggerating the pain or maybe I have a good tolerance when it comes to pain.

4. What is the meaning of it?

Once and for all… It’s a motivational tattoo, it’s a reminder for me everyday 

The puzzle piece represents me it reminds me that I can stand alone, that I need to trust myself more that I don’t need to prove myself to anyone but I rather have to prove myself to myself, the branches represents the growth in me the success that I will achieve in the future and the birds represents that one day all of the struggles I have faced will all be worth it, it’s like a freedom or release from those struggles. 

5. Do your parents know?/What is their reaction?

Of course, it’s on my arm dumbass (sorry) so they will notice easily. They were mad at first but it’s already there, they can’t do anything about it anymore.

6. Can I look at it?/Can I touch it?

Yes you can look at it but don’t touch me especially when I don’t even know you personally. Some people are just plain rude they don’t even ask permission they’re just going to grab my arm and look at it. 

7. Do you worry about getting a job?/Do you regret getting it?

Ah yes the professional world. I am a financial management student so my option for my workplace is either be in a bank or a company. So they say that I have less chance of getting a job because of my tattoo, solution for it is to cover it with a long-sleeves or wear a jacket in the interview but why? It’s just like an accessory but permanent, I’ve been saying this a lot, having a tattoo will not diminish the skills of a person. I believe companies should focus on the skills of their employees rather than the physical traits.

And no I don’t regret it! 

8. Are you an addict?/Are you on drugs?

Really? For the person who asked me this you know who you are. Look at yourself, you look more of drug user than I do lol. No I don’t use drugs I am a very well educated person and I actually even hate smokers so what more of drugs?! 


9. Are you planning to get another one?

None of your business.

So these are some of the things I get asked a lot because of my tattoo. It’s okay to ask but I’m really getting tired of answering it all over again, maybe that’s the disadvantage of it, well I wanted a tattoo might as well face the consequences. 


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