I am taking my current journey with a much more positive outlook and happy thoughts, leaving all the negatives behind and moving forward to a good life.

I’ve lived with negative outlook for so long that I drown myself with it. But thanks to a realization that really hit me in the head big time, I changed that negative thinking to positive. I have realized that this negative feeling is the thing that is holding me back to move forward, it’s like a heavy luggage on my shoulders. 

I have realized that all of those doubts are just in my head, I’m making all this delusions. 

I always remind myself to just think positive and everything is gonna be fine. In a world full of negatives you need to be the one bringing that positive vibes. In a world where you feel you can’t rely on anyone be that person to lift yourself up. And in a world where everything just feels so wrong be that right.

Negative vibes are not allowed on my journey take it somewhere else.  


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