Blogging 101 assignment is to create a feature that will make your readers have something to look forward on your blog.

As you may all know, I am a kind of person that is very frank, very straight forward and is living her life with full of sarcasms. 

What I’ve decided to have as a feature blog is what I will call as Frank Friday (it just sounds good when it both begins with the same letter) this is basically like a Realtalk Session where I will share my views/opinions/advice on a certain topic/problems/issues but let’s not sugarcoat things shall we? 

So if you have problems or issues that you want a VERY HONEST advice/opinion on just contact me here

Trust me it’s gonna be a funny and sarcastic but TRUE/REAL advice. I will not say things to make you feel better, you need to hear the TRUTH, I will not feed you with lies. 

Let me know what's on your mind...

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