I want to share one of the lessons I learned from my Good Governance and Social Responsibility subject. 

Goodness begets Goodness.

My professor for this subject who is Mr. Mariquit shared his experience about doing good things and not expecting anything in return. 

He shared when he was still a student he always rides the train and as a law student he always carry loads of books and he always wants to sit down to read his notes and one time an old lady was standing in front of him while he was sitting, so as he said “chivalry is not dead” he stood up and let the old lady take his seat. While standing in front of the old lady he was staring at her and expecting the old lady to be grateful for letting her sit down but the old lady didn’t even took a glance at him. So as my professor step down the train, he was very bothered that he let an old lady take his seat and didn’t even got a simple thanks for it. He told that to one of his friends and his friend said that (non verbatim) 

doing good things because it’s the right thing to do is enough and not because you expect you’ll get something out of it

Now my professor lived by it, he has been a great public servant in our town for awhile and at the same time a very inspiring and good professor. He helps people because he loves it not because he needs to or he expects something out of it. 

He said when you do something good, in return you will also receive something good but unexpected, it’s like good karma.

That is what everyone needs to learn now (especially with the government and public figure) that we should do good things for free and not flaunt it to get sympathy. 

I’m so lucky to have this kind of professors, not only they teach us about technical skill and the things we need to know for our future jobs, but also they teach us about morality, being humanitarian and being a better person. 

Cheers to these kind of educators. 😁

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