Wow! This is great, I just received a nomination, and I honestly don’t know what it is as I am just a beginner here but it sounds really nice.

So thanks to Pam for this.

And also to Anand for the recommendation

I have only been blogging for almost 2 weeks now and I am enjoying my blogging life so far, still new to this, still learning, so to have this recognition means a lot to a 19 year old beginner like me. The main reason I blog is to let out my emotions and thoughts, to document my life and to share it with others and knowing that they can relate or they get inspired by it is a BIG bonus. It’s great that I get to share my life and at the same time I get to inspire and share my positive outlook in life. 

Thanks to my fellow bloggers for taking time to read mine, for giving positive feedbacks and for appreciating my post(s). It’s great to talk to other bloggers that has the same perception as you and also to read other inspiring and fun blogs. 

These are some blogs that I think you should take time to visit as I really enjoy reading their posts:

Continue to spread inspiration and positivity 😊 

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