During my free time I just usually sit or lie down and I’m either reflecting, going through my social media accounts or mostly listening to good music. 

For these past few days I’ve been listening to just three artists: James Bay, Vance Joy & Shane Filan.  

I’m very old school and picky when it comes to listening to music, I like simple tunes/acoustic/alternative/soul. I know music is evolving but I think the music nowadays is more of noise because of too much editing/auto-tune.

So these three artists are just perfect for me. Their voices are very relaxing, I really love their music in terms of the sound and also the lyrics. Currently listening to these three albums back and forth. 

James Bay’s Chaos And The Calm Album

He caught my ears with his song Hold Back The River

And with this single song I became curious so I started listening to his other songs and now this record of his is now on repeat. 

Some of the songs of James Bay that I love:

Let It Go

Best Fake Smile

Vance Joy’s Dream Your Life Away Album  

I started listening to Vance Joy when Taylor Swift covered one of his song Riptide

And I just initially love it so I began listening to him.

Some of the songs of Vance Joy that I love:

Mess Is Mine


Shane Filan’s Right Here  

I’ve been a fan of Westlife ever since and Shane is my favorite member of that boy band. And when Westlife was disbanded, I’m one of those fans that really got sad, I was just 5 years old when I started liking them until now I listen to their music. 

I still follow Shane’s career when he became a solo artist. His one of my favorite male singers his voice is just very relaxing, his voice is effortlessly beautiful. His 1st debut album You and Me  

It was very different from Westlife, it got this Train vibe kind of sound. I really love that kind of change in him. And now I’m addicted to his new album Right Here. 

Some of the songs of Shane Filan that I love:

Always Tomorrow

Beautiful To Me

Me and the Moon

They are just basically on repeat  

Listen to them here: 

James Bay – Chaos And The Calm

Vance Joy – Dream Your Life Away

Shane Filan – Right Here

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