I have been on this earth for 19 years, and I have experienced so much for 19 years of living but what have I learned throughout those years? 

19 Things I’ve learned from 19 years of existence:

  1. You can’t fully trust anyone but yourself.
  2. People want to see you do good but don’t want you to be better than them.
  3. People will judge you no matter what you do.
  4. Change is constant.
  5. Keeping hatred can slow you down.
  6. Overthinking is not healthy.
  7. Things that I thought was important before, it isn’t.
  8. Money makes the world go round.
  9. We are living in a notional world.
  10. Being wise is much more needed in the real world.
  11. We create our problems.
  12. We all have a choice.
  13. You can’t always get what you want.
  14. We all have the same beginning and same ending.
  15. Life is complicated.
  16. People are blind when they are happy.
  17. Expect less.
  18. People will never be satisfied.
  19. Have a strong faith.

Still a long journey ahead though. Still a lot to learn about a thing or two. 

Let me know what's on your mind...

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