Few facts about me 🙂

1. My full name is Joana J. Salazar

2. Born on the month of August

3. Grew up in Malabon City

4. Youngest of 5 siblings

5. 5’4 is my height

6. 24 is my favorite number

7. Blue is my favorite color

8. I love acoustic/alternative/old songs preferably 80’s, 90’s to early 2000’s songs

9. James Bay, Vance Joy, Twenty One Pilots, Ed Sheeran, Shane Filan, John Mayer are some of my favorite artists as of the moment

10. Bruce Willis is my all time favorite actor

11. Die Hard movies, A Walk to Remember, John Tucker Must Die, Honey are my favorite movies

12. Action movies enthusiast

13. I love reading books, it takes my mind somewhere else

14. I could survive my lifetime with eating only fruits (I love fruits)

15. Piatos and Hany are my favorite Filipino snack

16. I love long car rides.

17. I’m allergic to bagoong

18. Chopseuy is my favorite dish

19. Rocky road is my favorite flavor of ice cream

20. I don’t eat seafood

21. I love tamarind candies

22. I love sour food

23. I think tattoos are cute.

24. I have a tattoo on my left forearm (planning to get another one)

25. Zac Efron is my ultimate crush

26. Sponge bob, Blue’s clues and powerpuff girls are my favorite cartoons when I was a kid

27. Glee, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars are my favorite TV series

28. I don’t watch TV in the evening

29. I prefer to be alone sometimes

30. I get irritated very quickly

31. I want my 1st boyfriend to be my last (that’s why I am NBSB)

32. I want a church wedding

33. I believe that everything takes time

34. I have wide perception on things

35. I hate shallow people

36. I have a strong faith in God

37. I love long walks it helps me think clearly

38. I reflect about my life every night

39. I usually sleep better with my favorite music on (I sometimes sleep with earphones on)

40. I’m quite a perfectionist, sometimes I consider myself to have an OCD

41. I love cats

42. I’m quite forgetful

43. I love to keep things to myself rather than to share it with others

44. I’m pistanthrophobic

45. I’m nyctophilia

46. I’m pluviophile

47. I hate lizards

48. I love adventures

49. I’m a quiet and shy type of person

50. I have a resting bitch face

51. I love to keep things that remind me of a certain person or event

52. I love mysteries or things that you have to use your logic

53. New York and London are the places I really wanted to go to someday

54. I emotionally get hurt easily but I just don’t show it (I’m good at hiding emotions)

55. I prefer sneakers than heels

56. I prefer jeans than skirt

57. I enjoy playing billiards

58. Superman, Captain America and Spiderman are my favorite superheroes

59. Ransom series are my favorite books

60. Daltrey Ransome is my favorite fictional character

61. Bentley, Range Rover and Mercedes gclass are my dream cars

62. I am a nice person but please don’t take advantage of it

63. I am an understanding and mature person, I always try to be the bigger person

64. I lower my pride for the people that I love

65. I easily get distracted

66. I am an Introvert

67. I put music on when taking a shower

68. I love vintage stuff

69. I usually spend my money on food

70. I love kids

71. I used to be a pessimist

72. I believe hard work and character are much more important than skills

73. I sleep with lights off

74. I treasure everything, that is why it’s hard for me to let go of stuff

75. I am a fast learner

76. I hate asking for help, as much as possible I want to do everything on my own, I don’t want to be a burden

77. I have big plans for myself and for my future

78. I love Mandy Moore’s voice

79. I hate hospitals

80. I don’t care what people think of me

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